Welcome week (Spring)

Similar to Fadderukene we also want to provide a welcome week for new exchange students in the spring. The first (small) Welcome Week will be held in January/February 2020. More information to come when the planning is done…


Welcome Week 2020 (program will be updated as we finish planning)

Tuesday January 28th 12:30 – Info meeting @ Mellomrommet

Tuesday January 28th 16:30 – Open choir practice @ Mellomrommet (There will be cake)


Wednesday January 29th 16:00 – Ice bathing with Arkitektur (meeting place is in front of the Main Building at Gløshaugen)


Thursday January 30th  – No planned activity, but may we suggest the quiz at Sukkerhuset?


Sunday February 2nd 12:00 – Ski Day in Bymarka. Meet up by the tram stop in St. Olavs Gate and we’ll take the tram from there. You can borrow skiing equipment from NTNUI Bumerang