The city and Gløshaugen


Samfundet is the most important meeting place for students in Trondheim. They have concerts, debates, theatre, parties and many other events. The building contains a club, a pub, a restaurant, a library and a café among other things. Many students do volunteer work at Samfundet doing all sorts of different jobs.

Gløshaugen is the campus where you find most of the science and engineering courses at NTNU. This is also where architecture students have their studios and most of their lectures. The campus is rather close to the city centre, and the architecture students are located right in the middle of it in the Sentral Building (also known as Stripa).



Stripa is literally in the middle of the campus. On the ground floor you’ll find:
Blue: Rapido (the kiosk)
Black: The cafeteria aka Hangaren
Red: Skiboli, our student association’s house. This is where we have our parties and many other large events, including most events during Fadderuka.


On the first floor of Stripa you’ll find:
Blue: Broderskabskontoret
Red: Akademika, the book shop
Black: The Architecture Library