Jamgruppa (Band group)

Jamgruppa is responsible for all of the band equipment owned by Broderskabet. If you want to join a band or just want to jam with som friends, you can contact us and head down to Skiboli to play.

We also host jam nights where everybody can join to play, sing, listen and have fun. For those who aspire to take it one step further the group also has a goal to provide live music to some of the parties throughout the year. So this is your chance to live out your dream of becoming a rock star!

We have the following equipment available:

El. guitar (+jack) – Fender Stratocaster Standard MN
El. bass (+jack) – Yamaha TRX304
Microfon – AKG D5
Mic.stand – König & Meyer 21090
El. drum set (+ drumsticks) – Roland TD-11KV
Amplifier – Vox AC15
PA – Yamaha Stagepass 400i

+ a Keyboard of unknown origin and model