ArkitekTUR (Outdoors group)

ArkitekTUR plans all of our trips and outdoor activities. They’re the ones in charge of the surfing trips, ski trips, hiking and Ice baths. The trips are open for all, not just members of Broderskabet.

The group offer free rental of equipment to members of Broderskabet. Reservations can be made up to 4 weeks in advance and for 1 week at a time. If you wish to rent some of the equipment we have you can e-mail us at Or you could send us a message on facebook (we have our own facebook page).
For our rental agreements (currently only available in norwegian) click here

As of today ArkitekTUR has the following equipment:
3 snowshovels, 2 primus omnifuel with fueltank, 1 GPS with maps of Trøndelag, 1 first aid kit og 1 lavvo with floor (8-10 pers).

Do you want to join our planning committee? We accept new members during the fall semester, follow us on facebook and look out for our posters around the hallways for more information.