Arkitekt- og designrevyen (Theatre)

Arkitekt- og designrevyen is the theatre group. Every year they put up a play (within the most popular genre among the student associations: revy).

A revy is a comedy show based on skits, stand up, monologues, song and dance. Most student associations in Trondheim put up a revy every year. Arkitekt- og designrevyen has a good reputation among the students, and that’s maybe why this is Broderskabet’s biggest subgroup (which is good because this kind of show needs lots of hands on deck).

Arkitekt- og designrevyen started out as just Arkitektrevyen, but has since encompassed design students as well, making it a great way to meet students from another field of study.

There’s several subgroup within the revy.

  • The Board (consisting of a leader, a deputy leader, a director of the show, a stage manager, a scenographer, a PR manager, a musical director/band leader, a «kos» manager, sound and lights manager and a make up and costume manager)
  • Actors
  • Writers
  • Make up and costume group
  • PR group
  • Builders
  • Band
  • «Kosegruppa» (providing snacks and a good time for the rest along with managing the bar)
  • Lights and sound group

With so many different groups there’s room for everybody, no matter what you can contribute with. For the actors and writers it’s probably an advantage to know norwegian, but for all other groups international students can join just as easily as norwegians!