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Collegiet meets every wednesday between 16:15 and 17:30. Our office is on the first floor of Stripa (right by Akademika).

If you want to get in contact with a particular member of Collegiet or a subgroup you can  find their contact information here. If you want to know more about Collegiet or Broderskabet visit the tab «About Broderskabet».

COLLEGIET (the board)

Domina (leader) – Julie Maria Thune Eide (2. year)
90634607 –

Vicedominus (second in command) – Jeppe Holter  (2. year)
x  –

Phinancephut (treasurer) – Ylva Hui Kongstein-Kokkim (1.year)
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Chrönikeskriffuer (secretary) – Hanna Lovise Nyby (2. year)
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Ceremonimester (event manager) – Birk Keiseraas (1.year)
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Blæstemester (PR manager) – Maria Smilden (2. year)
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Novicekommandeur (fadder manager) – Oscar Duus (1. year)
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Troldquinde (business contact) – Rikke Eftang Meinich (1. year)
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Leder – Maren Haraldstad Heier


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Arkitektstudentenes Broderskab
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