About Broderskabet

Arkitektstudentenes Broderskab is the student association (or less formal: student club) for architecture students at NTNU in Trondheim. It was originally created in 1913, making it the second oldest student association at Gløshaugen. This is something we’re very proud of and we humbly carry on their traditions.

In order to become a member you have to pay a membership fee of … kr (membership lasts for life) and traditionally take part in the initiation ceremony.

Exchange students must send an application to Collegiet in order to gain membership.



Collegiet  is the board of Broderskabet. They’re responsible for running the association on a daily basis, and have their meetings at Broderskabskontoret (Broderskabet’s office) every week.

Once every month we have the UGLE-møte*, where Collegiet and the leaders of the subgroups meet to discuss their work.

Collegiet is responsible for Fadderukene, Phunisiering (the official admissions into the student association), Imm.ball (a ball during the fall semester to mark the initiation of the new members), christmas porridge and Subgroup party. They also make sure Broderskabskontoret is in a good state, and represent Broderskabet on the other student associations’ events.

The members of Collegiet are elected on the General Assembly in October.

The members of Collegiet are:

Domina (leader) – Nanna Helland Berger (2. klasse)
41525914 – dominus@broderskabet.no

Vicedomina (second in command) – Jakob Olsen (2. klasse)
41214889 – vicedominus@broderskabet.no

Phinancephut (treasurer) – Julie Thune Eide (1.klasse)
90634607 – phinancephut@broderskabet.no

Chrönikeskriffuer (secretary) – Kaia Linnea Teichroeb (2. klasse)
45485644 – chronikeskriffuer@broderskabet.no

Ceremonimester (event manager) – Sofie Heien Haugstad (1.klasse)
47606659 – ceremonimester@broderskabet.no

Blæstemester (PR manager) – Maren Lovise Øby (5. klasse)
95459404 – blestemester@broderskabet.no

Novicekommandeur (fadder manager) – Torgeir Ketilsønn Kjevik (1. klasse)
.. – novicekommandeur@broderskabet.no

Troldmand (business contact) – Elise Brandsvik Skeide (2. klasse)
92825404 – bedriftskontakt@broderskabet.no


*Undergruppeleder-møte (Subgroup leader meeting)